Avaya VOIP Service Training In Colorado

Avaya User Training

(User Handout Included)

  • New Users who need a basic understanding about how their business phone and voicemail functions.
  • Current Users who just need a refresher course regarding their phone and voicemail functions.
  • Current Users who want to learn about more advanced features available on their phone and voicemail.

User Training is designed around your phone system, phone type, voicemail system and specific requests. Although most information is similar between these items, we strive to make sure you receive Avaya training that is specific to you and your company.

Please Contact Us at 303-766-1699 for more information on scheduling User Level Avaya Training for your office VOIP service.

Avaya Administrator Training

(Admin Handout Included)

  • Reset Voicemail Password
  • Change Names or Extensions as Needed
  • Change Routing of Incoming Calls
  • Set up Answer Group
  • Call-Forwarding
  • Add or Remove Voicemail Boxes
  • Change Auto-Attendant Recordings
  • Many More Options Depending on Your Needs

Avaya Administrator training provides you with the ability to make changes on your own system, saving you time and money. You can choose to have someone learn how to make minor changes (reset voicemail passwords and change usernames) or more detailed work with Call Flow and Routing or anything in-between. We work with you to design a list of items that you want to learn and then train your designated people to accomplish those tasks. Administrator Training can be provided remotely or at your Colorado office.

Contact us to schedule a consultation to design a comprehensive communications solution for your business. We are adept at training admin and staff members with various experience levels and prior knowledge of a VOIP system service. You can also call us at 303-766-1699 for more information on scheduling Administrator Training for your office.