Why Choose VoIP Over a Landline?

Why should your business upgrade to a VoIP system when you already have a landline phone system? A Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) system works by converting your business’s standard phone audio to a digital format, which is then transmitted over the internet. Compared to standard, landline telephone systems, there are many benefits to choosing… read more

Is it Time to Upgrade Your Phone System?

Knowing when to upgrade your phone system is important for every business. Technology moves quickly, and if you want to stay ahead of or even keep up with the competition, you need to harness that technology. In today’s competitive business world, you simply cannot afford to fall behind. But it’s also essential to ensure that… read more

Tips for Better Business Communication

Communication is important for every business, but it’s not always easy to communicate effectively. Every business, regardless of how big or small it is, or what industry it’s in, needs effective inter-office communication. Good communication allows your team to work together smoothly, makes for a more positive environment, helps you to avoid errors and so much… read more

Why You Should Hire a Veteran

Edgetronix is proud to be a veteran-owned, quality VoIP systems company. We know the hard work and dedication required in running a business, which is why we love the work ethic a veteran can bring to the table. We have several reasons to advocate for any company to strongly consider hiring a veteran. Fast Learners… read more

When Your Company Should Switch to VoIP

In this technological day and age, your business is always trying to adapt and keep up with the newest advances. From your company computers to security, there are so many bases to cover. Edgetronix is here to help your company keep up with the advances in communication. A VoIP system has numerous advantages, from ease… read more

Upgrading Your Colorado VoIP Phone Efficiently

While upgrading to VoIP or simply upgrading your current VoIP phone in Colorado, you have to do a bit more than a simple plug-and-play upgrade. With security, new features, and updates, there’s potential for issues if you don’t know what you’re doing. Here at Edgetronix, we can help you upgrade your VoIP phone. If you… read more

The Four Phases of Our Colorado VoIP Phone System Services

Edgetronix offers comprehensive service for Colorado VoIP phone systems. Our team has a thorough understand of how to effectively implement VoIP service into your business’s telecommunications, helping you save money as well as provide better customer service. At Edgetronix, our VoIP phone service comes in four important phases: Consultation. Our team starts by getting to… read more

Upgrading Efficiently

Before the advent of the internet, it used to be face to face meetings were difficult to plan and expensive to accomplish. While expanding a business, it still makes sense to attend face to face meetings with external parties, but internally there are better, more cost efficient, options. Internet telephony was created to help businesses… read more

Let’s Find the Right VoIP Phone Solutions for Your Colorado Company

If you are searching for custom VoIP phone solutions for your Colorado company, you need to call Edgetronix. VoIP is the modern method of business communications! VoIP phone solutions are extremely affordable. With no additional phone lines or equipment required, you can save a bundle on your hardware costs. We can use your existing internet connection… read more

These VoIP Phone Features Will Benefit Your Colorado Company

Many small businesses in Colorado today are making the switch over to VoIP business phone systems. There are plenty of advantages to using such a service, but a lot of small business owners are overlooking some of the most valuable features. If you’ve been considering a VoIP phone system in Colorado, take a look at this… read more