Why You Should Hire a Veteran

Edgetronix is proud to be a veteran-owned, quality VoIP systems company. We know the hard work and dedication required in running a business, which is why we love the work ethic a veteran can bring to the table. We have several reasons to advocate for any company to strongly consider hiring a veteran.

Fast Learners

Veterans are required to pick up countless new skills in a short amount of time when they enter into service. Vets have the ability to pick up a new skill and put it into practice immediately. This is extremely important if you are hiring someone with the goal of incorporating them in the day-to-day grind right away and seeking immediate contribution once they sign their contract. A veteran will tackle any challenge thrown their way immediately.


Veterans are quick on their feet due to the ebb-and-flow nature of the military. There are a great deal of skills that are required to succeed, and much like having to learn quickly, being able to switch gears at a moment’s notice is an attractive skill. Having someone on your team who you can count on to wear numerous hats is not often a luxury afforded to companies and is certainly an attractive quality.

Cool as a Cucumber

Crumbling under the pressure of a new business deal or expansion is the last thing you want to see from one of your coworkers. Instead, you want to go into the conference room with a partner who is calm and collected, well-prepared, and able to handle the curveballs thrown your way. Veterans are accustomed to making clear, well-informed decisions in the heat of the moment. From the battlefield to the boardroom, there is a clear vision instilled in veterans that will be beneficial in any circumstance.


You probably want to hire someone who you can see sticking with you for the long haul. When you bring a veteran aboard, you are hiring someone you know you can depend on and will be a leader for your organization. There is no doubt a veteran will be capable and productive member and bring refreshing perspective for your future.
Edgetronix is proud to be a veteran owned and operated business. Give us a call and see why our VoIP systems are the best for your business.

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