When Your Company Should Switch to VoIP

In this technological day and age, your business is always trying to adapt and keep up with the newest advances. From your company computers to security, there are so many bases to cover. Edgetronix is here to help your company keep up with the advances in communication. A VoIP system has numerous advantages, from ease of use to system integration, and we are here to help you keep it all straight. Here are some tips to help you decide when it is the right time or situation for your business to make the move to a VoIP service.


When your company is in the beginning stages, it may make more sense for you to keep a landline for ease and familiarity. However, as your business grows and you incorporate more technology and software, a VoIP system can help you move forward. We have options to intertwine your existing systems with a voice system upgrade to make the transition seamless. Doing this will allow your new VoIP technology to be a part of your system and give you options to track your click-to-calls and keep track of call logs far more efficiently.


It can be far easy to integrate your internet and phone together than potentially having two separate providers for each system. VoIP gives you the ability to wrap both your web and telecommunications into one fully-functional package. Doing so gives you the opportunity to cut costs down the line, which can be crucial for a business big or small. If you see the opportunity to consolidate your in-house technology and remove some operation costs from your book, that is the perfect time to switch to a VoIP system.


Edgetronix prides itself on the adaptability of our VoIP systems. No matter what kind of integration you are looking for, we can make it work. We provide unparalleled customer service and have the ability to install a VoIP system regardless of your current setup. Combine that with continual maintenance and updates to the firmware and software and you have yourself a holistic service that will adapt and evolve with you and your business.

Edgetronix is continually striving to provide quality VoIP systems for businesses in the state of Colorado. Give us a call or send us an email to set up an appointment and see why VoIP is right for you and your company today!

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