What To Know Before Using VoIP

VoIP is a very smart decision if you are wanting to improve your business’ communication. However, it’s good to know what you will be getting into and needing to manage once choosing to use VoIP. Save your company stress and confusion for the future.

To learn more about what you need to know, read the list below.

Six Things You Should be Aware of

  • Buy Time

It’s always smart to buy time, even with the smoothest transition to VoIP. We know that not everything goes as planned in our lives, so It’s better to be fully prepared if any complications do arise! Build a buffer into your plan to give yourself a pillow to fall back on for any possible issues, now or in the future, that you may run into with VoIP.

Want more information on why buying time is a good strategy? Call us!

  • Get Everyone Onboard 

Before switching to VoIP, your business should all be in agreement with the transition to using VoIP. Whether you are switching from one communication system to another, or are just wanting to begin using one of the best to start, your business should all agree that it is beneficial for the company’s future. All the leaders should be on a VoIP team so they are aware of the details and can communicate further information to employees.

Want more information about why this is beneficial? Contact us with any questions.

  • Know What You’ve Got

Your business must be aware of the hardware and software used to make up the network infrastructure — it is important to know if your company’s system will be able to support the technology that is used to boost voice quality.

Questions about what kind of systems can support a VoIP? Call us!

  • Bandwidth Control

If you think that bandwidth could be an issue, it may be a smart decision to upgrade. Don’t know if you need one? Project the network traffic increases for the next three years, and that will hopefully determine if the need for an upgrade is inevitable. Save your business time in the future! 

Contact us if you need any further information.

  • If an Emergency, Remember 911

Be aware that VoIP doesn’t allow for easy access with 911 calls; VoIP just allows to view an IP address, the voice-over can’t recognize the actual location of the phone. Emergency personnel could be guided to incorrect locations with the moving of the network. If there is an emergency, call 911.

If you don’t understand why this is something you should be aware of, contact us!

  • Remote Control 

Before deciding to use or transition to VoIP, you should understand how the remote management system relates to your IP PBX. 

Not sure you understand? Call us and we can explain!


Additional Help

Confused? Don’t know where to start? Need more information on what you should be aware of? We have your back! Any questions or concerns you may have we can answer; contact us by email or phone today! 

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