Why Choose VoIP Over a Landline?


Why should your business upgrade to a VoIP system when you already have a landline phone system?

A Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) system works by converting your business’s standard phone audio to a digital format, which is then transmitted over the internet. Compared to standard, landline telephone systems, there are many benefits to choosing to upgrade to a VoIP system. Today, the experts at Edgetronix will be going over just a few of the many reasons to choose a VoIP system, even if you already have a landline system in place.

#1. You’ll save more money.

While it does take an initial investment to install your new VoIP system, as well as to train your staff on how to master its features, over time, upgrading to a VoIP system can help you save a lot more money. Upgrading to a VoIP system can help you reduce costs for equipment, phone lines, maintenance and more. Since the system works by connecting you through an IP address instead of a landline, it also helps you avoid the added costs of calling long distance or internationally.

dreamstime_xxl_44385257#2. You increase productivity in your business.

With the many functions and features available through VoIP technology, it enhances productivity in your office by making it easier for your employees to multi-task. For example, during your standard video conference, your VoIP system allows you to share data and attach documents. Additionally, VoIP systems offer a whole new level of voice clarity, making communication even easier and more effective.

#3. You’ll have a scalable solution.

As you business grows, upgrading to a VoIP system becomes an even smarter decision. Landline phone systems just can’t keep up with your growing needs, and you’ll have to keep installing new ports and lines as you grow. VoIP systems, on the other hand, are very scalable,¬†allowing you to add the components you need without the hassle. Altering and maintaining a VoIP system is much easier because¬†transfers from voice signals to digital signals happen using software instead of hardware.

#4. You’ll have more features and functions available to you.

Since VoIP phone systems are backed by the full might of the internet, it gives you access to many incredible, new features without having to break the bank. The features and added functionality of a VoIP system provide you with more control over your business communication, and they include desktop integration, dial-by-name directories, ring groups, auto attendants, remote access and so much more.

#5. You’ll be able to move or add new locations much easier.

If you ever have to move to a new location, or you add another location to your network, it’ll be much easier if you have a VoIP system in place. That’s because, with a VoIP system, you can take your phone line and number with you.


Upgrade with Edgetronix today!

Are you ready to start experiencing the many benefits of upgrading your landline system to a VoIP system? If so, there’s no better company to turn to in Colorado than Edgetronix. We are your unified communications specialists, and we can help you find the best solution for your needs. Visit us online today to get started.

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