Tips for Better Business Communication


Communication is important for every business, but it’s not always easy to communicate effectively.

Every business, regardless¬†of how big or small it is, or what industry it’s in, needs effective inter-office communication. Good communication allows your team to work together smoothly, makes for a more positive environment, helps you to avoid errors and so much more, but effective communication can sometimes be easier said than done. The fact is that there are a lot of obstacles where communication is concerned, but there are many ways to overcome them. Here are a few tips from the communication experts at Edgetronix for more effective communication in your business:

#1. Really listen.

pexels-photo-70292We are all busy at work, and it can be difficult to find time to really listen. However, taking a few minutes to actively listen when someone else is talking to you can make a huge difference in your ability to communicate. Whether you are trying to listen while you keep working or you are thinking about your upcoming deadline while someone is explaining something to you, you aren’t actually listening and you may not get the full message. Active listening is essential for good communication, and it can start with you!

#2. Dictate less and collaborate more.

Do you give a lot of long lectures or monologues? When you have a message you want to get out, it’s all too easy to let yourself ramble on and on, but the longer you talk and the more you dictate, the harder it will be for your team to actively listen to you. Instead of dictating, try collaborating. Not only does more collaboration equal more engagement, but it also paves the way to for more people to present valuable ideas to your team, which, in turn, makes your team feel more valued and important.

#3. Make sure you have the right communication tools.

The communication tools you have can make or break successful communication in your business. You can do everything else to improve your business communication, but if your system is old, outdated or inadequate, it’ll be much more difficult to achieve the kind of communication that makes you more successful and competitive in your industry. At Edgetronix, we can provide you with the VOIP solution you need to improve communication within your business for a competitive price.

#4. Get to know your team.

People have their own personalities, and while Jimmy might prefer to talk in person in the mornings, it could be more effective to communicate with Sandra over email or in the afternoons. Getting to know your team and how they communicate most effectively will make it easier for you to communicate with them. Some offices have implemented “communication cheat sheets.” Employees fill these sheets out themselves with tips and tricks for communicating with them individually.


Communication is key, and with the right VOIP provider on your side, it’s much easier to communicate effectively in your business. Please contact us at Edgetronix today to learn more about our communication solutions, and in the meantime, stay tuned for our next blog to learn a few more tips for better business communication.


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