The Benefits Of VOIP For Business

At Edgetronix, we create custom Voip solutions for businesses of all kinds. Our VOIP system services include consulting, design, programming, installation, maintenance, and AVAYA training, which we discussed in previous blogs. In today’s blog, we’ll briefly summarize what VOIP is and why your business needs it by highlighting the variety of ways in which you could benefit from incorporating VOIP. Let’s dive in!

VOIP 101

Voip, or Voice Over Internet Protocol, is the transmission of voice and multimedia information via IP networks. Years ago, VOIP referred to the use of IP to connect private branch communication. More recently, however, VOIP has expanded to be synonymous with IP telephony. 

Business VOIP Benefits

VOIP uses codecs to convert audio data into data packets that are transmittable across a given network. Once they reach their destination, they are then reconverted into the original audio network. The first benefit of today’s blog has revealed itself; this instantaneous technology reduces infrastructure costs in a significant way when compared with traditional telephony. 

Further, business VOIP translates to more conservative costs with software and hardware needed to keep the system operational. Businesses don’t need to buy their own software when they can rent them from their local VOIP provider — such as Edgetronix in Loveland!

More Than Voice Calls

Video conferencing is another key benefit of VOIP. While many wrongly assume that VOIP only pertains to traditional telephony, robust VOIP provides (yes, like us here at Edgetronix) allow you to not only video conference, but also communicate using a variety of media formats, including text and image messaging. 21st-century businesses need 21st-century technology, and that’s exactly what Edgetronix VOIP offers. 

Efficient Use Of Bandwidth

While video chatting, image sharing, and the ability to text using VOIP might be more fundamental features than they used to be, being able to efficiently use your company’s allocated bandwidth will always be an indispensable asset to any business.  

Because around half of voice conversations are filled with silence, VOIP takes advantage of this gap to fill them with other data from other consumers of bandwidth because, well, VOIP is able to do that kind of stuff. Additionally, VOIP features data compression to supplement said efficiencies. 

Additional Benefits

We’ve discussed cost, efficiency, and the ability to add additional features without trouble, but there are plenty of other VOIP benefits worth highlighting. Among them are:

  • Accessibility
  • Improved Voice Quality
  • Flexibility

How Edgetronix Fits In

As we mentioned above, our VOIP system services include consulting, design, programming, installation, and maintenance. For the rest of today’s blog, we’ll briefly highlight each component of our Colorado VOIP system services — all of which are designed to make your business run more smoothly!

  • Consulting – We’ll consult with your business and analyze your current telecommunications system, evaluate its quality, and then propose a customized VOIP system based on your business’ unique needs. 
  • Design – As you can imagine, there is a massive range of options businesses can choose from when deciding on a customized VOIP system. At Edgetronix, we work directly with our customers to design a system from the ground-up. This ensures all of your needs are met. We’d be surprised if we weren’t able to identify one or two features to incorporate that weren’t on your radar yet!
  • Programming – We also provide ground-up programming services so that you can leverage your existing telecommunications equipment. This saves you in multiple ways, from not having to buy new equipment to saving time training up employees on using new phone systems. 
  • Installation – There are times when our customers need new phone systems. We can seamlessly install these systems with zero down-time. That way, your business stays up and running! 
  • Maintenance – We provide ongoing maintenance on an ad-hoc basis. At times, firmware or software needs to be updated. Usually, these changes are simple. If you have additional maintenance needs, all you have to do is let us know!


Choose Edgetronix

I have been going to “Your business Office” for years. I chose them originally because they offered business and acupuncture in one convenient location. I have been very impressed with the treatment in both areas.” – Happy Customer, Testimonial

If you want a reliable VOIP provider for your Colorado business, Edgetronix represents an excellent option. We have offices in Centennial, Aurora, and Loveland, Colorado. Reach out to us today to learn more about what we can do for your business!

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