Common Myths About VoIP Debunked

Common Myths about VoIP Debunked

Don’t let the myths about VoIP prevent you from experiencing the many benefits it offers.

Replacing an old landline with a VoIP phone system can revolutionize the way your business communicates both internally and externally, allowing for more efficient, effective communication on every level. However, there are also quite a few myths out there about VoIP, and some of them prevent businesses like yours from taking advantage of the many benefits VoIP systems have to offer. That’s why the experts at Edgetronix have set out to debunk the most common myths about VoIP.

Myth #1. VoIP systems are overly complicated.

VoIP systems are chock full of amazing features that make for better communication in your business, and figuring out all of these features, can be a little complicated, at least at first. However, when you take advantage of the Avaya training from Edgetronix, you’ll be trained on each and every one of those features, allowing you to maximize your new telephony system.

Myth #2. Sound quality is shoddy with VoIP.

VoIP translates voice signals into digital data, and it relies on your business’s internet connection in order to do so. This myth dates back to the first days of VoIP technology, when internet access was plagued with low speeds and poor connections. Today, connecting to the internet is faster and more reliable than ever before, which translate into reliable, high-quality sound for VoIP users.


Myth #3. VoIP systems aren’t easy to install or maintain.

Installing a VoIP system is certainly going to be more difficult than installing a phone system on a landline, but with the experts at Edgetronix on your side, you won’t have to worry about a thing. We offer a wide range of VoIP services to meet all of your communication needs, including consulting to help you determine if VoIP is right for you, the design of your new VoIP system, programming, installation, maintenance and even Avaya training so you can utilize every feature.

intext 4Myth #4. Installing a VoIP system is expensive.

Sure, the initial investment into installing a VoIP system may be a little more than you might want to spend — although it’s comparable to installing a new traditional phone system — but the reality is that, in the long run, a VoIP system will actually help you save more money. With VoIP, you can say goodbye to line rental fees, and since it relies on the internet to run, you also won’t need the copper cables that are required for traditional phone systems. VoIP systems also come with a long list of premium features that you can take advantage of at no added cost.

Now that you know the truth about many common VoIP myths, are you ready to take advantage of the benefits of installing a VoIP system in your business? If so, turn to Edgetronix today. We’re Colorado’s number one VoIP provider, and we are happy to help you every step of the way, ensuring a smooth, seamless transition. Contact us today to learn more about our communication solutions.

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