Tips for Better Business Communication Part 2

Head-Image_6_5_2For businesses of all shapes and sizes, there’s no such thing as success without communication.

Communication is an essential piece of the puzzle for any business. However, there are many things that can get in the way of effective communication, including deadlines, hectic schedules and more, so how do you overcome those challenges? In our last blog, the communication experts at Edgetronix went over a few tips to help you improve the communication within your business. Keep reading for more tips:

#5. Be cautious about communications that aren’t face-to-face.

rawpixel-com-252127When you are communicating with someone in person, it’s much easier to tell what they really mean because you can hear the tone of their voice and see their facial expressions. But in this day and age, in-person communication is no longer the only means of communication in the business world and beyond. With chats, emails and all of the other ways to communicate, you have to be very careful about how you phrase things. It’s all too easy to take things the wrong way when you can’t see someone’s face or hear their tone of voice.

#6. Don’t put off talking about sensitive┬áissues.

We all have to deal with uncomfortable issues at some point or another in our careers; it just comes with the territory when you work closely with other people. However, if you allow those sensitive┬áissues to fester and build, it makes breakdowns in communication almost unavoidable. It’s also important not to beat around the bush. When these kinds of circumstances come up, you’d be much better off addressing them quickly and honestly. Not only does this approach prevent issues from becoming big and hard to manage, it also helps to preserve harmony within your office.

#7. Be aware of how you’re communicating non-verbally as well.

Your body language and overall demeanor can make a huge difference in how you are communicating with your team, as well as what you are communicating to them. For instance, if you just gave your team a pep talk about their performance, but you follow it up by frowning because you’re thinking about something completely unrelated, whether it be a personal issue or another business issue, it’s hard to send a concise message to your team. One study found that non-verbal communication can account for as much as 95 percent of a person’s understanding of the message they are receiving.

#8. Make feedback a priority.

In some companies, owners or managers only work with other leaders. Talking to and getting feedback from the people who do the hard work day in and day out is essential for improving employee morale, as well as ensuring the success of your business.


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